This guide will take you through the whole experience and touched upon all the frequently asked questions that you may be thinking of. 

With two little ones myself I know all to well how quickly these moments pass and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture these moments for your family. 

 I LOVE photography because it speaks, it shows, it causes us to feel and remember something truly breathtaking. With my amazing girls every chance we get to take out old photo albums and take a journey in the past, it truly is like a rollercoaster of joy, happiness, merry and happy tears. 

Is your family dreading family pictures? Do you try to snap a picture of everyone and no one listen? Don't worry, because I promise this will be nothing like that! We will get that one picture, the one of the whole family looking at the camera and smiling. I do love a good smiling picture, that you can print the perfect canvas of, put it on a card and give it to the grandparents. But we will also get so much more!

I want to capture your family as they really are. We don't normally just stand around smiling at the camera, so I aim to capture real emotions and connections; those little moments and details you wish you could hold on to as your kids grow up. 

Posed Sessions

Getting to know you...

When you book, you fill a questionnaire that allows me to get to know you and your style better. I take the colors you like, the photos of your home or nursery, your preferences, and compose a session that tells your story. I make a scrapbook/collage for all my clients and I use it to also design albums, canvases, Christmas cards, and much more. All your pictures will be beautifully paired with each other even if they are all totally unique, and all the products will match your home.

What to wear?

Coordination, not matching, will help your images look cohesive and modern. Instead of wearing all white t-shirts, try mixing colors, patterns, and textures that have the same tone or work well together. 

Layering provides interest and personality; cardigans, shirts over t-shirts, scarves etc are all a great way to build up layers

Avoid logos or cartoon characters tops, they date images and can draw the eye away from the face. 

Avoid conventional baby pink and baby blue head to toe outfits for children opting for something more modern. 

Women: Go for casual yet sophisticated wardrobe. Jeans with a t-shirt, cardigan, jean jacket with a floaty dress, sweater and joggings. Bare feet look most natural for home sessions, choose sandals or booties for outdoors. Don't forget to accessories to add more sense of style and depth. Hats, long necklaces, etc. 

Men: Avoid black t-shirts, opt instead for greens, navy, grays, lumber-jack style shirts, wool jumpers. Layer t-shirts and shirts, jackets. Denim shirts over a t-shirt looks great for that casual feel. Go for simple yet stylish shoes. Accessories with belts, watches, etc. 

Girls: Use muted tones of dusty pinks, vintage greens, soft blues. Work with different textures, patterns, mixing wool and cotton. Accessories with hair pieces, bracelets, etc. 

The Reveal Session

It will take me 2-4 weeks to edit the best photos from your session. At the reveal session you can choose which package you would like to proceed with. Visit our investment for a breakdown of prices on packages, products, digitals, and more.  

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