This guide will take you through the whole experience and touched upon all the frequently asked questions that you may be thinking of. 

With two little ones myself I know all to well how quickly these moments pass and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture these moments for your family. 

I have specialized in newborns for over 10 years and photographed over 500 babies. My priority is to keep your newborn safe while achieving award winning art that you can cherish a lifetime. I've had in person newborn training with top U.S. photographers including Ana Brandt, Jade Gao, Caralee Case, and, many more.

I always invest in training and I'am a member of Professional Photographers of America and Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International, it is so important to me to reassure parents that they are investing in a specialist that will have the highest level of care towards their baby.

My work is mainly posed newborns but I always work with the baby as an individual, if they don't like a certain position, I move on to something else. Babies happiness is my main priority which is why I cannot guarantee any specific pose. Certain poses are more complicated and require a little photoshop magic. I'am a professional photoshop user and this shows when people ask "Was that baby floating on top of water", lol no babies floating, just 2-3 hours of photoshop work. I take great pride in perfecting each and every pose and ensure I get the best results for the parents. 

Posed Sessions

Getting to know you...

When you book, you fill a questionnaire that allows me to get to know you and your style better. I take the colors you like, the photos of your home or nursery, your preferences, and compose a session that tells your story. I make a scrapbook/collage for all my clients and I use it to also design albums, canvases, birth announcements, and much more. All your pictures will be beautifully paired with each other even if they are all totally unique, and all the products will match your home.

About our studio...

SteinArtStudio is a purpose built baby and child studio, cosy, comfy and located in the heart of SunCity plaza, in old town menifee, California. There is ample parking available right in front of the studio. If your are exiting I-215, our studio is in the plaza behind Stater Brothers. 

The studio provides bottled water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits completely free of charge! We also have a kids area where younger ones can play, however kids will not be allowed to run around the studio as we try to keep a relaxing environment for us, baby, and the parents. To keep our floors clean and sanitized we ask that everyone takes their shoes off, one time booties and flip flops are available. A sanitized changing and feeding area, as well as a comfy couch is available for parents to relax while we photograph your angel. So don't worry about a thing, we have it covered! A newborn session can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours and I work on baby's schedule, so there is no rush and everyone can sit back and enjoy the session.

Our Studio Location:

SteinArtStudio by Kristinka

26842 Cherry Hills Blvd. 

Menifee, Ca 92586

The Morning Before Your Session

On the morning of your session the following tips can hugely help in the success of your session running smoothly:

Try to keep baby awake before you set off in the car, although not always possible it does help if they arrive tired. We recommend you give them a bath, either in a tub or using a cloth, as it will make them really tired. Don't worry if they sleep in the car, (they all do). 

If baby is bottle fed bring extra feeds, babies often get very hungry during a session and keeping them topped up is important (bring three times what you think, just in case). 

Heads-up! Babies pee and poop a lot! Your baby will not be the first to do it, so please don't panic if they have an accident in the middle of a shot. All my blankets and outfits are washed and disinfected after each session so it really isn't a problem.

Family and sibling shots with newborn can be done at no extra cost during your session. 

However as this is not a family session it is done either at the beginning or end of a session. I can not be held responsible for younger siblings not co-operating and during a newborn session baby's images are always a priority, so where possible I will do them but if big brother or sister isn't interested then I won't waste time trying to get them to pose for too long. 

The Reveal Session

It will take me 2-4 weeks to edit the best photos from your session. At the reveal session you can choose which package you would like to proceed with. Visit our investment for a breakdown of prices on packages, products, digitals, and more.  

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